Injury is NOT Equal

S1. Ep. 7: Injury & Homelessness

April 30, 2021 Centre for Injury Prevention Season 1 Episode 7
Injury is NOT Equal
S1. Ep. 7: Injury & Homelessness
Show Notes

Trigger warning: This episode contains coarse language and content that may be alarming to some listeners. LISTENERS’ DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

On this episode of Injury is NOT Equal, Season 1 host, Shari Thompson-Ricci   passes the baton to colleague Brandy Tanenbaum, a Injury Prevention Coordinator for the Centre for Injury Prevention at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre.

In this episode Brandy takes you on a special journey, shedding light on homelessness and injury. We focus on one of the concerning conditions associated with homelessness and that is the experience of injury. We speak to Christine, a Pastoral Care Manager from a Toronto shelter. Melissa a Registered Social Worker and the Executive Director, from an organization serving individuals with acquired brain injury (BIST), and you don’t want to miss Roxy, an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) survivor, disability advocate, and truth-teller.

Call to action:
Increased awareness of the needs of those experiencing homelessness, the associated risk factors for injury and the development of support strategies that address the root causes of homelessness.

Christine Slater
Manager of Pastoral Care Services and a Pastoral Associate
Good Shepherd Ministries

Roxanne (Roxy) Riess
ABI Survivor, Accessible Anti-Racism + Intercultural communications Workshop Coach, Educator, and facilitator, CLIL/ESL Teacher, Disability Advocate, and Truth-teller. Roxy is deeply passionate about accessibility (economically, culturally, linguistically, & neuro-developmentally), Diversity & inclusion, decolonized Intercultural Communications, and Culturally-Linguistically Inclusive Education

Melissa Vigar
Registered Social Worker and the Executive Director
Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST)

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Brandy Tanenbaum
Injury Prevention Coordinator, Centre for Injury Prevention

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Centre for Injury Prevention
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

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