Injury is NOT Equal

S2. Ep. 2: TBI & Specialized Services

March 01, 2023 Centre for Injury Prevention
Injury is NOT Equal
S2. Ep. 2: TBI & Specialized Services
Show Notes

This season is made possible with the generous support of the Kimel-Schatzky Traumatic Brain Injury Innovation Fund.

Traumatic brain injuries can be life-long, irreversible, and often lead to complex cognitive, behavioral, and physical changes. These changes can have significant impact on activities of daily living, employability, and interpersonal relationships. Survivors of traumatic brain injury require specialized rehabilitation and long-term supports to improve recovery and outcome.

In this episode, host Shaelyn Fitzpatrick is joined by guest speakers Nicole and Julie who discuss the importance of access to specialized services and neurorehabilitation for survivors of traumatic brain injury.

Guest Speakers:
Julie Osbelt, BA, TR (Hons)
Toronto ABI Network (TABIN) and Toronto Central ABI System Navigator

Julie’s role as the ABI Referral Coordinator with the Toronto ABI Network is largely intertwined with her role as the Toronto Central ABI System Navigator. She has worked in the field of brain injury for over 25 years. Over the past almost 10 years, Julie has managed a centralized referral system for inpatient and community-based referrals across the GTA for the Toronto ABI Network.

Nicole Cross, RN, MN
Neurosurgical Education and Outreach Network, Clinical Outreach Nurse
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Nicole acts as an ongoing support/ liaison for interprofessional teams at non-specialized centres supporting patients and families who have experienced a traumatic brain injury. Nicole additionally provides education to patients and families recovering from traumatic brain injuries and acts as an ongoing support/ liaison for system navigation and access to specialized services and programs in the community. Nicole also engages in regional and system level initiatives to improve neurosurgical care pathways, quality of care, and transitions in care.


Host & Producer:
Shaelyn Fitzpatrick, RN, BScN
Injury Prevention Educator
Centre for Injury Prevention

Rheegan Goodale
Student Journalist and Multimedia Reporter
Humber College

Podcast Produced By:
Centre for Injury Prevention
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

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